This website is the official home of The Cinematography Podcast as well as the occasional deep dive into the business and latest trends of both scripted and documentary production. We cover important tech advances, not every technological blip. This site features contributions from published writers for industry trade publications and our Editor in Chief is Illya Friedman, co-host of  The Cinematography Podcast  and founder of Hollywood’s Hot Rod Cameras.

CamNoir serves a spin-off of the former popular content section of which for years was as a trusted source of news on a wide variety of information relevant to both scripted and documentary production.

CamNoir is the place to find all the show notes for The Cinematography Podcast, learn, share and support great work as well as artistic and technological innovations happening all over the world. We are excited to have you as a reader and look forward to changing the production world for the better!

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  1. Excellent website. Sp happy to find. We have had a lot of the same people on our Podcasts. We began Fall 2014, congrats on this show. I mean it as humble and happy to find. NOT ego. this looks like pure movie love. THE ONLY WAY TO FLY. hahahah


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