July 27, 2020

War Stories Vol. 3: Tales from the Set featuring Laura Merians Gonçalves, Seamus McGarvey, Charles Papert, Charlotte Bruus Christensen, Mike Dallatorre, James Laxton, Jaron Presant, Don Morgan, Roman Vas’yanov, Benoît Delhomme, and Thorsten Thielow

Special: The Cinematography Podcast- War Stories Vol. 3

In this super-sized War Stories Special, we feature eleven of our guest’s harrowing, hilarious or heartwarming stories of an experience they had while on set or when starting out in the film industry. Find full interviews with each of our featured cinematographers in our archives at www.camnoir.com or wherever you get your podcasts.

Cinematographer Laura Merians Gonçalves tells of a scary experience while shooting Pacified in the gritty favelas of Brazil, Seamus McGarvey on his first time using a Super 8 movie camera in film school, Charles Papert talks about working with Eddie Izzard on a grueling TV pilot, Charlotte Bruus Christensen’s story of shooting The Hunt with director Thomas Vinterberg almost entirely handheld while pregnant, Mike Dallatorre on dealing with the Mexican federales while working on Quantum of Solace, James Laxton’s early experience as a loader for an Errol Morris-directed commercial, Jaron Presant tells a funny story about making a huge error as a set PA, Don Morgan on getting hired because of a mistaken film credit, Roman Vas’yanov tells about his entirely too-real experience while shooting in the hood for End of Watch, Benoît Delhomme talks about crew issues while shooting The Proposition in the Australian outback, and documentary filmmaker Thorsten Thielow’s experience of shooting during an actual war.

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April 8, 2020

DP Michael Dallatorre on Brightburn, Clive Barker’s Books of Blood, The Hive, working for Panavision and growing up in South Central Los Angeles

The Cinematography Podcast Episode 70: Michael Dallatorre

As an immigrant kid growing up in South Central L.A., Mike Dallatorre joined his high school’s performing arts group called Colors United. He was a featured performer in the Oscar-nominated documentary Colors Straight Up. Seeing a documentary crew in action made Mike realize that being behind the camera could be a legitimate career choice, so he started studying film at Los Angeles City College. Mike landed a job in the shipping department at Panavision, quickly moving up to prep tech where he was mentored by optical engineer Dan Sasaki. He was able to take gear out on the weekends to shoot short films and music videos such as koRn’s “Hater.” Director David Yarovesky asked Mike to DP the horror films The Hive and Brightburn. His next film, Clive Barker’s Books of Blood, directed by Brannon Braga, will air on Hulu in September.

You can stream Brightburn now on Hulu.

Find Mike Dallatorre: https://www.michaeldallatorre.com/

Instagram: @dp_miked

Mike was recently featured in American Cinematographer’s Rising Stars of 2020. https://ascmag.com/articles/rising-stars-2020

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