The Cinematography Podcast Episode 28 – Leonard Maltin

Legendary film critic Leonard Maltin began writing about movies at the age of 13. He talks about his enduring love of movies, his experience writing and interviewing cinematography icons for his book The Art of the Cinematographer, his love of Disney films, how certain films endure over time, film genre oversaturation and sequels, film criticism today, and much more.

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Leonard Maltin – Offical Website

Podcast: Maltin on Movies

Twitter: @LeonardMaltin

Instagram: @LeonardMaltin


The Art of The Cinematographer

Leonard Maltin’s Classic Movie Guide

Leonard Maltin’s Author Page on Amazon

War Story is from Rob Hummel about Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC

Ben’s Short End is Escape at Dannemora, a Showtime series starring Patricia Arquette, who won a Golden Globe Award and a Critic’s Choice Award for her performance.

Illya’s Short End is the American Society of Cinematographer’s 100 Milestone Films of the 20th Century.

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