The Cinematography Podcast Episode 40-Oscar Winner Russell Carpenter, ASC

Cinematographer Russell Carpenter, ASC

Academy Award winner Russell Carpenter, ASC has a huge Hollywood career that’s spanned decades, though he got his start working in public television and didn’t even go to film school. He discusses his early experience on films like the cult classic “The Wizard of Speed and Time,” “Cameron’s Closet,” and “The Lawnmower Man,” and still enjoys shooting small films like the Indian movie “Parched.” For “Hard Target” with director John Woo, each scene was meticulously timed and shot with multiple cameras. Russell first worked with director James Cameron in 1994 on the film “True Lies” and then again on “Titanic,” which won an Academy Award for Best Cinematography. He tells a few stories about the movie tricks he and James Cameron used on “Titanic.” Russell is currently working again with Jim Cameron on Avatar 2 and 3.

Find Russell Carpenter, and see some great behind-the-scenes photos he took from his movies.

Instagram: @russellcarpenterasc

Ben’s short end:

The Scriptnotes podcast, hosted by screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin (screenwriter/creator of the HBO series Chernobyl). His favorite: Episode 403, How to Write a Movie.

Illya’s short end:

New technology of LED lights and cameras, such as the Panasonic S1H with a full-frame sensor, are disrupting the industry- prices are dipping to affordable prices for both big and small productions.

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