The Cinematography Podcast Episode 51: Director Adam Lisagor

You’ve probably seen Sandwich’s commercials and video spots, which are funny, bold, and colorful. Adam Lisagor started the production company ten years ago, directing and making videos on the internet, then cornered the niche on “explainer” spots for new technology. To save money, Adam was often the spokesperson for the company’s commercials, and he continues to cameo in many of Sandwich’s ads. Fun fact: the first professional DP Adam hired to shoot Sandwich’s commercials was Rachel Morrison. Another frequent collaborator is cinematographer Charles Papert, the DP behind Key and Peele. Sandwich now does commercial spots for huge companies such as Starbucks, Square, American Express, Rothy’s, Stitch Fix, etc.

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Instagram: @sandwichvideo


NEW: Go to The Cinematography Podcast’s YouTube channel to see a voting PSA Sandwich made, and hear Adam Lisagor explain the techniques behind making the video.

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Close Focus discussion: Academy Awards season- how winning an Oscar will give a movie a lot of attention and a serious bump in box office.

Ben’s short end: A gripe about the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies not being considered “cinema” by directors such as Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and Ken Loach. If people like Marvel movies, and people are going to see them in theaters, let people like what they like.

Illya’s short end: VidSummit, a YouTube and marketing conference for video creators and producers.

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