Sundance 2019 Special – Part 2 – “Coming
of Age”

Episode Two of The Cinematography Podcast’s Sundance 2019 Special, Illya and Ben discuss the “Coming
of Age” film- a perennial genre at all film festivals.

Illya saw several examples of the genre this year, including “Blinded By the Light,” directed by
Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham) and based on a book written by Sarfraz Manzoor. The movie is
about a British-Pakistani teenager in 1987 England, who discovers Bruce Springsteen, falls
in love with his music and finds his own voice. “Blinded by the Light” was one of the biggest acquisitions
of the festival, with a $15 million-plus deal by New Line. In the Q&A after the world premiere
screening, Chadha talks about how she pursued Springsteen to get the rights to use his movie in the film.
“Blinded by the Light” will hit theaters August 14.

Find Gurinder Chadha:
@gurinder.chadha (instagram)

“Brittany Runs A Marathon,” directed by Paul Downs Colaizzo and starring Jillian Bell, is a comedy
about an aimless woman in her late 20’s who decides to lose weight and turn her life around, starting with
just one mile and ending with her running the New York Marathon. The film won the U.S. Dramatic
competition Audience Award and was acquired by Amazon for $14 million. In an audience Q&A with
Jillian Bell and Paul Downs Colaizzo, the two talk about building the character of Brittney, who is based
on a real-life person. “Brittney Runs A Marathon” will be released in August.

Find Paul Colaizzo:
@pdcnyc (instagram)
Find Jillian Bell: @jillianbell (instagram)

Illya sat down with director Jason Orley and DP Andrew Huebsher to talk about their film about arrested
development, “Big Time Adolescence.” Starring SNL’s Pete Davidson, Griffin Gluck, and John Cryer, the
story follows a teen whose idolization and friendship with a twentysomething stoner college dropout has
destructive effects on his life. Orley and Huebsher discuss the close director/DP working relationship on
the movie, creating the look of the film, working with production company American High, and using the
Artemis Pro app and Hollywood Shotdesigner to plan out where to place the camera and lights.

Find Jason Orley: @jasonorley (instagram)
Find Andrew Huebsher:
See the storyboards/photoboards used in Artemis Pro and Shotdesigner
American High:
Chemical Wedding Artemis Pro App
Hollywood Camerawork shot designer App

Examples of the Photoboards and comparisons of the scout reference captures from the Big Time Adolescence and frame grabs from the final movie.


Podcast Credits:

Editor in Chief:  Illya Friedman / Contributors Page
Host: Ben Rock / Contributors Page
Producer: Alana Kode
Reporter: Britt Che
Composer: Kays Al-Atractchi
Editor: Ben Katz

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