Sundance 2020 Special Part 3: Coming of Age

Beast Beast examines what it’s like to come of age in the era of social media. The film explores the lives of three different characters- Krista, played by Shirley Chen, is the popular theater kid; Jose Angeles’ Nito is a shy, talented skate kid, and Adam, played by director Danny Madden’s brother Will Madden, is a gun nut who’s obsessed with getting more followers for his YouTube channel. The teens cross paths with tragic results, but Madden handles each character with sympathy and nuance. He and cinematographer Kristian Zuniga created a different camera look for Krista, Nito and Adam, staying wide and documentary-style for some sequences and tight and controlled for others. The film came to the attention of Alec Baldwin who saw a short version, “Krista” at SXSW, and came on board as an an executive producer in order to fund its development into a feature.

Beast Beast will be at SXSW 2020, and has yet to find distribution.

Danny Madden: @stuffbydanny

Kristian Zuniga: @kristianzuniga

Blast Beat is about two teen metalhead brothers from Colombia who are uprooted from their lives in Bogota and move to suburban America, where they struggle to fit in. Director Esteban Arango and writer Erick Castrillon cast real life brothers Moises and Matéo Arias, who brought an added layer of authenticity to their characters’ relationship. It was also important to Arango and Castrillon to make a personal movie about their own culture, and they cast Colombian actors who spoke Spanish with authentic accents in the movie.

Blast Beat has yet to find distribution.

Esteban Arango: @esteban_arango

Erick Castrillon: @orbital_spirit

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Close Focus: The Harvey Weinstein verdict; the role of the executive in film and television- pros and cons, especially for internet services like YouTube which are not really overseen by anyone.

Illya’s short end: Night On Earth nature documentary on Netfilx was shot with the Sony a7SII. The filmmakers hacked the digital sensor to make it even more light sensitive. The documentary also used the Varicam LT and Leonardo heat sensitive scientific camera. Read more here.

Ben’s short end: Directed by Leigh Whannell and produced by Blumhouse, The Invisible Man is telling a fresh modern story only loosely based on the original. The Invisible Man has made $50 million worldwide on a $9 million budget, making it one of the year’s first breakout hits.

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