The Cinematography Podcast Episode 24 – Robert McLachlan, ASC, CSC

Director of Photography Robert Mclachlan ASC, CSC

Host Illya Friedman sits down with cinematographer Robert McLachlan, ASC, CSC, on the set of Showtime’s The Affair. Robert talks about his illustrious career on shows such as Game of Thrones, Ray Donovan, Westworld, and even his early days shooting MacGyver and much more.

This photo is from Robert McLachlan’s war story which you can find on Episode 23.

The War Story is from Claudia Raschke.

Illya’s Short End this week is Ozark, Season 2.

Ben’s Short End this week is “Scripted Podcast Production”

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Editor in Chief:  Illya Friedman
Host: Ben Rock
Producer: Alana Kode
Editor: Benjamin Katz
Composer: Kays Alatractchi

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