The Cinematography Podcast Episode 36 – Dan Laustsen, ASC, DFF

Episode 36

Dan Laustsen, ASC, DFF

Acclaimed Danish cinematographer Dan Laustsen talks to Illya about working with Guillermo del Toro on The Shape of Water, Crimson Peak and Mimic.  Del Toro’s frequent collaborator discusses the ease of shooting digital cinema now vs. the old days of relying on a lab to process the film correctly.  For the John Wick films, lens choices and tricks played a big part in how he and director Chad Stahelski accomplished a flare effect on the films.  In John Wick-Chapter 3- Parabellum, Dan discusses shooting mainly at night and created a glistening, rainy look.

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Ben’s short end: Chernobyl and the Chernobyl podcast, hosted by Peter Sagel and Craig Mazen talking about the real life stories behind the show.
Illya’s short end: The intersection of Hollywood and Washington DC

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