The Cinematography Podcast Episode 6 – Jendra Jarnagin

In this episode Ben Rock interviews Director of Photography Jendra Jarnagin

The War Story is from Director of Photography Mike Mickens

Ben’s Short End is the Vimeo series High Maintenance.  And Illya’s Short End is professional LED Lights from Fiilex.

Show notes

We are waiting for access to a monochrome D16 in order to shoot a quick native B&W D16 vs. desaturated color D16 to illustrate the difference between the cameras.

Quickly here’s the real advantages of a native monochrome camera
– No CFA (color filter array), this means greater sensitivity on the D16 maximum ISO jumps from 400 to 800.
– More visible resolution.
– More accurate total range.

The links below all illustrate some of these facts, for a generally more scientific explanation of what is happening at the imaging sensor level, I recommend looking at the link below.

Here are the links to the current crop of native monochrome digital cinema cameras, and their associated purchase price ranges:

Arri Alexa XT B&W (Rental Only)
Red Epic Monochrome $25,000 – $45,000
Digital Bolex D16M $3,799 – $4,299

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