Sundance 2019 Special – Part 4 (of 4) – Midnight Movies, the Occult and Horror

Episode 4 of The Cinematography Podcast’s Sundance 2019 Special – Midnight Movies, the Occult and Horror!

We draw our Sundance 2019 Special to a close with some of host Ben Rock’s favorite genres!

Cloaked in humor, the documentary “Hail Satan?” is at its heart an examination of the right to religious freedom. The Satanic Temple is most known for picking fights against Christian fundamentalists who want their iconography, such as the ten commandments, placed in public places. We feature sound bites from the Q&A at the premiere and Illya interviews documentarian Penny Lane, who discusses how inspiring the movie was for her. The Satanic Temple is a religion for activist misfits who want to confront the hard questions about our belief systems and what makes a religion.

Hail Satan? is currently showing in theaters as of April 17, 2019.  Find tickets on Fandango

Hail Satan? Official Site

Find Direct Penny Lane

Penny Lane Official Website

Twitter: @lennypane

The Satanic Temple Official Site

“Little Monsters” writer-director Abe Forsythe sat down with Illya to talk about his zombie-romantic comedy-buddy-horror movie. The film stars Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o as a kindergarten teacher who must protect her class from a zombie invasion while on a field trip. Abe talks about the challenges of working with 11 five-year-olds, having a limited budget and timeline, and finding a fantastic special effects crew to create new and different zombie scenes. “Little Monsters” was acquired by Neon in partnership with Hulu.

Find Abe Forsythe: Twitter @abeforsythe

Neon Distribution Official Site

One of Illya’s favorite movies at Sundance in 2019 was JD Dillard’s midnight movie, “Sweetheart.” The horror/thriller movie stars Kiersey Clemons (“Hearts Beat Loud,” “Dope”) as a woman who is stranded on a desert island and stalked by a mysterious monster. JD discusses the difficulties of shooting on a small island in Fiji, on a short time schedule, entirely outside and being subject to nature.  As a black filmmaker, he feels like it’s important to put people who look like him in regular genre films.  Blumhouse produced “Sweetheart,” and is still seeking distribution.

JD’s next writing and directing project, “Mastering Your Past” was just bought by Legendary for seven figures.

Find JD Dillard: @JGDillard (Twitter & Instagram)

Blumhouse Official SIte

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Editor in Chief:  Illya Friedman / Contributors Page
Host: Ben Rock / Contributors Page
Producer: Alana Kode
Composer: Kays Al-Atractchi
Editor: Abby Corbett

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