The Cinematography Podcast Episode 185: Alicia Robbins

Cinematographer Alicia Robbins’ work on the Netflix show, Keep Breathing, was quite challenging as they had location scouts at seven different remote forests in Vancouver, Canada near Whistler. The crew had to off-road it for miles, and they filmed in some locations that had never been shot before.

Keep Breathing is about Liv Rivera, a high-powered attorney whose private plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness. Alone, she must conquer her inner demons and struggle to survive while finding her way back to civilization. Liv’s life is shown in flashbacks as she tramps through the forest.

Alicia shot the second block of Keep Breathing while fellow cinematographer Jon Joffin shot the first block. Jon put the team together for the first half and she was happy that the key crew was already established. Due to the pandemic, Alicia had to quarantine in her apartment in Canada for two weeks. The added time gave her the chance to go over the lookbook, watch dailies from the first half, and have hours of discussion with the director about shots, colors and tone. As a DP, Alicia says so much of the time you’re just thrown into prep, quickly looking at locations, without enough time to think it all through.

Cinepod host Illya and Alicia first met working on a small low budget indie feature called Boppin’ At the Glue Factory, written and directed by Illya’s longtime friend Jeff Orgill. Alicia began her career after graduating from AFI and started shooting low budget features while working her way up. Her first big television DP job was the series Grey’s Anatomy, where she worked for nearly three years. Alicia was ready to to try something new and expand her skills as a cinematographer, so she was excited to face the challenges on Keep Breathing.

Alicia is currently shooting the new season of Bridgerton, which has been a delight. She enjoys working in London, with amazing, beautiful locations and lush, colorful costumes and set design.

Find Alicia Robbins: Instagram @aliciacamchick

Close Focus: There’s been a huge cast turnover at Saturday Night Live as eight cast members leave, which hasn’t happened since 1995. As SNL heads towards its 50th year, executive producer Lorne Michaels promises a year of reinvention for the show.

Ben’s short end: Cinemark is doing a retrospective of Studio Ghibli films nationwide, including Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Illya’s short end: Music video trends that have become ubiquitous, such as purposely showing off expensive motion picture equipment as part of the music video’s aesthetic. The K-pop group, IVE, has a new music video, “After LIKE” that features lots of expensive cranes in the background.

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