The Cinematography Podcast Episode 53: Mihai Mălaimare Jr.

Mihai Mălaimare Jr. shot a few award-winning shorts and feature films in Romania before auditioning for Francis Ford Coppola, who wanted to hire a local cinematographer to shoot Youth Without Youth. He went on to shoot two more films for Coppola- Tetro and Twixt. When Paul Thomas Anderson’s regular DP, Robert Elswit wasn’t available for The Master, Coppola suggested Anderson speak with Mihai. On Jojo Rabbit, Mehai developed a very vibrant and colorful look for the film, to emphasize Jojo’s fantasy world. Director Taika Waititi would often rewrite jokes or rework the script on the fly, so it was important to roll with changes.  Jojo Rabbit is currently playing in theaters.

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Close Focus discussion: How high of a resolution do we need? After awhile, depending on where you’re seated in a theater, your visual acuity drops off a great deal and it’s the equivalent of watching an HDTV from across the street. Even at home, it’s likely your couch is too far from your TV screen to be able to appreciate a high resolution. It can be a marketing ploy, especially these days when a lot of people are watching on their phones.

Ben’s short end: Vimeo has a section called Review Tools (paid subscription level) that gives you the ability to make pins on specific timecodes to make notes right on your video edits to share with clients. Ben used it quite a bit on his most recent project, 20 Seconds to Live.

Illya’s short end: The idea that artificial intelligence will be replacing filmmakers, directors, editors, and actors.

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