The Cinematography Podcast Special: Nate Watkin, Assemble

Using content collaboration tools and being able to share assets remotely has certainly become essential these days. Guest Nate Watkin walks us through his new software, Assemble, which is a complete project management platform for video production teams, from pre-production all the way through post-production. The software is very easy to use and very affordable- even non-production members can access projects as needed, and at no extra cost.

Assemble includes:

  • a shared production calendar that stays in sync and shifts if deadlines change
  • a trackable task list for each team member
  • an asset management feature for sharing what’s in your production binder- casting information, location scout photos, inspiration lookbooks, etc.
  • file sharing all in one place
  • frame-specific feedback ability for videos

Be sure to watch our YouTube video of Nate showing how Assemble works!

If you’re interested in Assemble, use the code cinepod to try a month for free!

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