The Cinematography Podcast Episode 71: Brendan Davis

Brendan Davis is a film and television producer for the Chinese and U.S. market. Based in Beijing for the past few years, he was in the midst of developing the feature film My Favorite Season and was planning a trip back to the U.S. when he got word from a doctor friend that the city would be shutting down and a stay at home order was imminent. Fearing an extended lockdown, Brendan got on one of the last flights headed to San Francisco, keeping his mask on nearly the entire time, and is temporarily living in Los Angeles, which is currently under a mandatory stay at home order. He talks about the differences he’s noticed between the Chinese and American governments and how people have been reacting to the crisis.

Brendan Davis also hosts a few podcasts: If I Knew You Better (with an episode featuring Ben Rock)

Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom

How China Works

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My Favorite Season movie

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Close Focus: With some weekly and nightly TV shows being shot via webcam or conferencing apps, will this become something more common post-coronavirus? The technology has definitely started to catch up.

Ben’s short end: A YouTube channel called Cinema Tyler, by Tyler Knudsen, who does video essays into various topics.

Illya’s short end: John Krasinski’s YouTube show Some Good News is feel-good content for these times.

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  1. HI, Ilya and Ben,

    I’m an expat Canadian sitting in my home in Guangzhou, China, taking a break in editing my company’s bi-weekly (now monthly for a bit) video info show to write this, listening to Brendan and agreeing with just about everything he says. I just sent a bunch of masks back to my friend in New York because she couldn’t get any and I’m more worried about her than I was about me (she paid me in B&H money, so that’s good).

    In Guangzhou, we weren’t locked down here as the virus didn’t hit hard here and as Brendan outlined, the response was substantial. People just stayed inside and hunkered down. and unlike Brendan, I don’t know anyone who had it.

    We’ve been out of that part for several weeks and slowly opening. Offices are back open. Restaurants are open, but seating is controlled. Sadly, cinemas are still closed, which is a real bummer since both Little Women and Jojo Rabbit were scheduled to open back in February. But that’s for the best. Caution is needed.

    Stay safe guys and thank you for the great shows you put out. And now I’ve got a few more podcasts of Brendan’s to listen to.

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