The Cinematography Podcast Episode 218: George Feucht

We finally welcome George Feucht, friend of the Cinepod and frequent collaborator of Ben Rock’s. George has shot many of Ben’s directorial projects, such as the web series, 20 Seconds To Live and the short film, Future Boyfriend.

Cinematographer George Feucht grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, where the closest movie theater was about 20 miles away. Working on high school and local theater productions gave George an education in lighting. He also learned photography, getting a job as a photo journalist for the local newspaper. Once George enrolled in USC film school, he learned about storytelling and set etiquette. He realized that becoming a cinematographer brought all of these skills together.

After college, George began working as an electrician and cameraman for home improvement and reality TV shows. He enjoyed working on reality shows because it’s challenging work- setting up and lighting shots, yet with little to no control over the unscripted action. He then made his first feature, Dance of the Dead with his friend, director Greg Bishop. They worked together again on a horror feature called Siren.

George began working on Jimmy Kimmel Live! shooting comedy bits such as “Mean Tweets” outside the studio for the field department. They often have to shoot the sketches on the same day the show airs. George says the secret to working so fast is to have a great team, with great producers who figure out all the logistics. The writers are also incredible, coming up with something brilliant that can be done in a very limited timeframe, often with very famous A-list actors. It’s an unpredictable and challenging job that changes every day, but George enjoys being a part of making something funny. For the improvised, man on the street comedy bits, he has to pull his own focus and try to get the comedy timing right. Everyone on the crew feels like a family, and George enjoys watching Jimmy working during the rehearsals.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is dark for now because of the writer’s strike. Fortunately, George has been able to stay employed shooting commercials.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs every weeknight on ABC.

Find George Feucht: Instagram: @georgefeucht

Close Focus: The Director’s Guild has reached a tentative 3-year labor agreement with the AMPTP and won’t be going on strike. But the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) may still go on strike.

Ben’s short end: Apple recently released a new professional version of Final Cut Pro 10 for the iPad.

Illya’s short end: Cinegear was back at the Paramount lot this year and was very busy. Cinebeer at Hot Rod Cameras also had a great turnout. They had a chance to show off the Hot Rod Cameras sponsored race car owned by Joel Rassool. His 2007 Toyota Yaris is a souped-up hot rod with a 100 horsepower motor that has been winning a lot of races. The motorsport magazine The Drive just published a feature story about Joey’s Yaris.

Hot Rod Cameras sponsored Toyota Yaris hot rod race car owned by Joey Rassool (3rd right)
Hot Rod Cameras sponsored Toyota Yaris at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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