The Cinematography Podcast Special: Snehal Patel, ZEISS

Snehal Patel manages sales for the entire line of ZEISS cinema lenses in North and South America. He works with many cinematographers such as Reed Morano, Jon Joffin, Alicia Robbins and several of our Cinematography Podcast guests like Quyen Tran, Robert McLachlan and Checco Varese. ZEISS has their own Cinema Lens Demo Center in Sherman Oaks, CA for DPs to come and try out lenses by appointment.

The brand-new 15 mm Supreme Prime wide angle lens from ZEISS will be available to try at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas. With this new lens, ZEISS’ Supreme Prime line is now a 14 lens set. ZEISS also offers the Radiance line of lenses that have different optical coatings to create more flare.

Looking to the future, Snehal sees even more choices available for lenses. The best cinematographers are constantly learning, so it’s important to excite them with something new and different, and to continue to innovate and develop new technology.

The new 15 mm Supreme Prime is available to pre-order from Hot Rod Cameras.

If you’d like to schedule a demo at the ZEISS Cinema Lens Demo Center, email Snehal Patel:

ZEISS representatives and lenses will be available to see and demo in North America at:

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ZEISS Cinema Lens Demo Center

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